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Labels in different languages based on user parameter


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How to show label values in different language based on a paramater given by user and not by locale. 

For example i have a report and all the labels are in english.

I want to have the same report in 4 other languages so that when a user runs the report and selects a parameter (for example the value of the parameter could be 'el' for Greek, 'en' for English, 'de' for German and so on, the report will run with the labels of this language. 

This is similar to localization but i want the report to run in the language based on parameter given by the user and not based on which country the report will run.

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Hello Simos,

Great question, the way I would approach this requirement is to create all resource bundles for the languages for the report and create a parameter that takes from the user and passes that back to the report locale and return the report output with that locale. I am in the process of testing this myself. I hope this helps

Thank you


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