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How to make JasperReports work with Jakarta EE or which version is compatible with Jakarta EE?


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I'm upgrading my maven application to use spring 6.x from 5.x. Spring 6.x is based on Jakarta EE so accordingly I've updated my dependencies. But with JasperReports I've defined a servlet in web.xml file:


it is throwing error: Servlet PdfServlet of type class net.sf.jasperreports.j2ee.servlets.PdfServlet does not implement jakarta.servlet.Servlet

when I'm trying to run my application on Wildfly 27 app server. I'm using 6.20.0 version of JasperReports library.

Which version of jasperreports support Jakarta EE or if there is no latest release supporting Jakarta EE then any suggestions for a workaround?

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Hello There,

Please review the build.xml file in the JRL project folder: JasperReports-pro-8.1.0jasperreportsbuild.XML

JasperReports Library supports the following Java JRE versions: 

<matches string="${java.version}" pattern="1.8.*"/>

<matches string="${java.version}" pattern="9.*"/>

<matches string="${java.version}" pattern="10.*"/>

<matches string="${java.version}" pattern="11.*"/>

<matches string="${java.version}" pattern="12.*"/>

Also based on the application Wildfly version 27, I see Jakarta EE 10 platform is the supported version: https://jakarta.ee/compatibility/download/

Here is the link to our platform document that will list all the certified versions of the OS, App server, etc:


Hope that helps!

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