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Hi All,

so i want to change server from windows to linux.
1st problem is i want the same configuration in windows is the same later with linux. BUT my jasper is a bundling version, which is in .exe (v6.2.1 for windows) and .run (6.2.3 for linux).
theres some differences in bundled tomcat extention later after i install it.

i confirm can copy-replace/add configuration file in /WEB-INF/ or within jasper app file in both server and that will do okay and might solve 1st problem but one of those files will refer to default_master.properties that will contain encrypted LDAP password.
2nd problem is encrypting and decrypting key will be different and placed randomly within jasper instalation files everytime we do an instalation (correct me if i read it wrong), so i cant blindly copy and paste default_master.properties coz the config file wont be able to decrypt later. and i dont know the LDAP password coz of the company rule, made me unable to just type and encrypt it again with new encryption key.

any suggestion about those 2 problems guys? any idea helps :)

thanks in advance!



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The default_master.properties won't be needed post installation.

In order to take the configuration including encrypted values to a new machine/deployment, you will need to pick up the .jrsks and .jrsksp files from the home directory of the machine you installed JasperReports Server on and put them in the home directory of the user running Tomcat on the target machine.


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