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newbie how to connect java swing app with mysql connection to report?


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Hi, I'm just new to jasper reports and I was hoping to ask if anybody could help with some sample codes as to connect my java swing app to jasper report. Do I create the report first in jasper studio or ireport? And then use that file to connect in java to my mysql database for data? I have a database named "uytit" in mysql and with a table called "transaction", I would like to just display all records of transaction to the report for printing as a pdf file. How do I do that? I am using notepad++ and command prompt as my IDE so I cannot import libraries like eclipse or netbeans so how do I import the libraries in the command prompt? Is there a tutorial on the web as well where I can learn how to connect a java swing app to a jasper report using mysql database? I can't find any on the internet... somebody please help. Thank you.

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Sir, can you kindly be more specific as to which file I should be downloading and where I can download it and which java file contains source codes in linking a swing app with jasper reports...? I've searched your entire webpage and failed to find a b4.zip file.

It took me just some seconds to find the mentioned Zip file from david just by stepping from his download section --> to sourceforge --> to files!??!?! So where is the problem!??!?! :-/

here the direct link:   https://sourceforge.net/projects/commander4j/files/Version%207.17/source/b4.zip/download

hth + regards


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