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Jasper 6.4 Memory Leak


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Contrary to suggestion https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/setting-maxmetaspacesize-java-8  max metaspace size was set to 512Mb, and product regularly crashes. Having analyzed heap dumps, conclusion was made that jasper reports are main suspects, beacuse OutOfMemoryError had always been thrown while generating JasperReports.

Metaspace was monitored in test environments - there is steady increase in used memory when generating many reports and the memory is not freed what probably resulted in crash.

Could you give any suggestion how the problem shuold be resolved? By now I tried to change language from 'groovy' to 'java' but it did not help. Many other advices concern earlier versions of Java (currently used is Java 8, templates of Jasper reports format is 'jrxml').

Thanks in advance! 

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restart the service might release the memory maybe?

theres a report that couldnt be generate and will take up your memory everytime u try to load it. the characteristic is the report wont load. in my case the cause is when the report try to load the template size / width of a box and is failing. the report wait to be load but the template never be ready. so i need to restart the service and make another report with another element. things be fine afterthat.

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we surely can just restart service, but it would not be considered as full solution since the memory still will be leaking. Somehow dead classes DelegatingClassLoader and CallSiteClassLoader keep appearing in jmap -clsstats report and used metaspace memory inflating.

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