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Repeat Crosstab TitleCell on each page


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My Report has two Crosstabs using the same dataset. The crosstabs shows the data in two different ways and is working. Have built my crosstabs using Dummy Group Header/Footers. Crosstabs are in the Footers and Titles are in the Group Header. 

I have a requirement to show titles for each crosstab on each page. The crosstabs are currently going across multiple pages. Is there a way to make titleCell repeat for each page? 

Given both crosstabs use the same dataset. I can see creating two subreports might be a way to solve this but wanted to check before going down that path.

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have you already tried to set the "Reprint header" flag at your "dummy group" ?

When I remember right, we used it to reprint "column titles" where the "normal" column header could not be used.

But I'm not sure, whether the crosstab between will know the outside group header band when it breaks - so just give it a try

hth + regards


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Hi C-Box, thanks for responding to my question.

Yes- I did have 'Reprint Header' for my dummy group. the problem with a Dummy Group is they appear for every group.

'Reprint Header' will print the heading for each Dummy Header Group and I have two Crosstabs. Each with a different title. For example Crosstab 1 and Crosstab 2.

How do i Dynamically print the heading for each Crosstab? So I will only print the relevant title above each crosstab. plus Crosstabs can go across many pages.

Kind Regards,


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