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Text Field is not fully utilized in Jasperserver

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I created a report with one text field. I have content that fits the text field. When I preview the report in Jaspersoft Studio, the output is as expected. But, when I publish the report to Jasperserver, portion of the text is truncated even though there is space in the text field.

The underutilized space increase with increase in width of the text field. Any thoughts?


Version Details,


Jasperserver : 6.4.2

Jaspersoft Studio : 6.2.1 and 6.4.2

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Try exporting your report to HTML in Jaspersoft Studio to see if it is as expected. JasperReports Server is internally calling on JasperReports library to render the report to HTML format so the output should be the same as in Jaspersoft Studio in HTML format.

The only difference that may arise is the some of the JasperReports settings are different between Jaspersoft Studio and JasperReports Server. There also may be differences in environment that it's running on (e.g. Jaspersoft Studio bundles JRE so it may be using different Java version).

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