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Print "continued" when detail overflows.


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I would like to print a "continued" text but only when the detail overflows to the next page.

Here is an example of what I would like to achieve:

Section 1 

<Section 1 details>

--- Page Break ---

Section 1 (continued)

<Section 1 details continue>

Section 2 

<Section 2 details>

--- Page Break ---

Section 2 (continued)

<Section 2 details continue>

Does anyone know how I can do this? I've been playing around with the Print when detail overflows option. But that gives me the same header on every page.



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I've done something similar some years ago... but this was at my old work, so I can't access the JRXMLs any more.:-(

But when I remember right, I've used a "Dummy" SubReport for the actual detail record and within the SubReport I placed the "continued" String as StaticText-Element in the ColumnHeaderBand. The PrintWhenExpression for the ColumnHeaderBand should be "$V{PAGE_NUMBER}>1" so that your "continued" is just displayed at following pages for the rendered detail record and not already at the first starting (SubReport)-Page. As the internal PAGE_NUMBER variable is just incremented for each SubReport independently, you will get for the next detail record a new SubReport and so on.

If two (detail) records fit at one page, each SubReport won't print it's ColumnHeader because PAGE_NUMBER is always 1 for each SubReport. :-)

Can't verfiy if this works as I said at the beginning, but perhaps you could give it a try :-)

hth + regards from Dresden/Germany


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  • 3 years later...

Yes it worked. but in addition to it.. i need to display the " continued in next page" in the footer if the detail band breaks. Any solutions around it.. Currently i have give it in column footer band of subreport. As it dont have any conditions to it. it displays even the data in detailband dont overflaws.

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As the PrintWhenExpression should be evaluated always at NOW you can't hide it via a PrintWhenExpression BUT you could give that FooterTextField an EvaluationTime at "Report" (so if you are working with the DummySubReport) and try to use an "inline" IfThenElse TextExpression alá:

$V{COLUMN_COUNT} >1?"continued in next page":""[/code]

(not sure if it was column or report count, just try)

Just give it a try... it's quite some years ago, when I made it. But I know it can work.

regards from snowy Dresden/Germany



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