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Log user and report executed in jaspersever log


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I would like to be able to to see which user opened which report(uri path preferably) in the standard jasperserver log. Can anyone help me with which option should be set in the logging setting to achive that?

Please note that i don't want to enable monitoring as this degrades jasper perfomance. I just want to be able to parse the jasperserver.log file for the above mentioned information



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Hi Alex

I don't think this can be achieved through setting loggers. The mechanism that JasperReports Server have in place is audit logging of such events to database table/s (2 audit tables infact) where reports can be created from. It would be easier to extract such information from a table then from a file and create sophisticated reports. Auditing and Monitoring are 2 separate subsystems that can be turned on/off separately to mninimize the overhead costs of unnecessary logging.  But Audit Logging is a licensed module available in the Commercial editions.

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