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I need to convert Jasperserver and reports from Linux to Windows server.


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Haven't done this before, but I would simply export the server contents from the linux version and import them into the windows version - you can do this through the server's web interface or the command line. The web interface is self explanatory, just 'view repository' right click somewhere in that directory, and click 'export'. Here are some instructions on the command line version of that process:


I'd keep it simple and use the web based approach, although the command line does provide additional options.

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JasperReports Server is written in Java and it keeps all data in a repository in a data so repository content can be migrated from linux to windows by just exporting and importing them back in.

Just setup a new JasperReports Server on MS Windows and import the data in. The only catch here is that you need to be using the same version/release of JasperReports Server on linux and MS Windows with the same configuration.

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