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License doesn't allow access to the Ad Hoc Designer


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We have commercial version of Jaspersoft Server version 7.1. We have hourly license bought from AWS. The problem is that when trying to use Ad Hoc the software says following: "Your license doesn't allow access to the Ad Hoc Designer." Have anyone had similar problem and found a solution? The license should contain Ad Hoc reporting because that AWS license contains Ad Hoc. Jaspersoft license is got from email which I got when I filled my email and our Amazon ID when I registered to TIBCO Support so it should be correct.

Is it possible that the problem is related to configurations? If yes, where we should find correct settings? No changes is made related to that kind of things.

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Hello hozawa, thanks for your reply. Clearly TIBCO Jaspersoft customer service is correct place to contact. I  wrote them. But can't be never sure what the problem actually is. In community pages there is some license related questions and because our license should be correct I decided to ask here.

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Hello elizam, thanks for your reply. We are having AWS instance which includes Jasper server hourly license. Reporting works fine but Ad Hoc is the problem. I tried also loading the license file again similar way than earlier. I got exactly same license file so it must be correct file.

But, what do you think if it is possible that the license have messed up somehow because we had Jasper version 6.3 and now we have Jasper version 7.1. We had both running same time for a while. Do you know if the license is exactly the same between different versions of Jasper? Should the same license file work with both 6.3 and 7.1 versions?

And for hozawa, I wrote to Jaspersoft customer service and am waiting for reply.

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