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Does Jaspersoft Studio 6.5.0 have a VPAT?


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Does Jaspersoft have a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template available for 6.5.0? The university has a requirement to only use software/cloud-based systems that have accessibility features.

We use Jaspersoft in conjunction with the SumTotal system Learn. SumTotal has a VPAT for LEARN but there is a notation that it does not extend to Advanced Reporting. Advanced Reporting uses the Jaspersoft software.  

A VPAT would provide us additional details we can share with our accessibility teams.

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JasperReports Server is VPAT compliant but there doesn't seems to be any information about Jaspersoft Studio being VPAT compliant. Jaspersoft Studio is based on eclipse but it seems like VPAT compliancy is left to the developer of plugins instead of by eclipse project..

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