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Changing Data Source

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In Jaspersoft Studio I can swap between my development and production databases easily by changing the data source when doing a preview.

I use the same data sources on the server.  Months ago I changed all my reports on the server from development to production datasources and they changed over fine.  I am trying to change one back to the development data source now.  Nothing I do seems to affect it, even changing to a sample data source.  I don't get any errors, it simply is only showing me data from my production DB.

I tried changing the data source through the repository and while publishing the report.  I even restarted the jasperserver.  i get the same results.

Did I miss something when changing the data source?

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Perhaps my wording was wrong.

I am trying to change which data source a single report is linking to. Inside the repository, editing the JRXML report, on the page called Link a Data Source to the Report, I have changed the data source (created as you mentioned) from the repository to my development data source and saved.

(similar to this page https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/jasperreports-server-user-guide/defining-data-source )

While investigating this, however, I found that my input parameter was linked to the production data source. This is why the report didn't appear to be changing. I thought I had it linked to no data source. Once I changed it, it is now working properly.

When I run the report, it still shows data from the previous data source.

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