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RTL Languages in Jaspersoft Report Server


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We are evaluating to use Jaspersoft reports in our application development and bundle it our distribution. Currently while in development we are using the community version, 7.1

I have been browsing the Documentation and Wiki to find how to the the following, but have not found how it is to be done.


  1. Support for RTL languages.
    1. In report oitput (Dash Board)  - We have had some limited success here but since the framework itself is LTR it looks a bit odd.
    2. in Jaspersoft report server
  2. Whitelabelling steps for Jaspersoft Server

Can anyone plese point me to any doc or Wiki or any help on doing both of these please ?




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For white-labeling the UI, you can look at the chapter on customizing the user interface in the ultimate Guide:


There are actually a number of ways to integrate JRs into a product, from embedding with iFrames to using Visualize.js to layout reports and put them in any application. (However, Visualize is a commercial product.) There's a webinar about the options here. I haven't watched it:


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