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Jasper Server Rearranging Layout


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I am using JasperSoft Studio and created the layout I want using the Design tab. I tested the report in the Preview tab and it looks the way that I want. I uploaded the report to JasperServer and when I tested the report there, blocks of my content were moved around and the layout no longer matched what I saw in JasperSoft Studio. I have been using both products for 2+ years and have never had this problem. Has anyone else experienced this. (Tried to upload screenshots but the crappy message board software here wouldn't let me).

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Have you tested your report in Jaspersoft Studio in HTML? I had a similar experience especially with some web browser and versions because of differences in their rendering support. A report that looks good in one browser may not look too good in another.

The best solution is to use pdf format. Try exporting your report to pdf in JasperReports Server.

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