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Table report blank when exporting to Excel from JasperServer?


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Does anyone have any ideas on why my report would show data just fine on screen in the JasperServer browser and when I export to PDF, but when I export to Excel there is the header row and blank text in each of the data rows?  It looks like the rows are there... just no text in any of the rows (e.g. the row height is the height it would be in the report, for each of the rows that I see in the PDF).  Just seems like the text is not exported into the table.  



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Thanks Hozawa... do I apply those on the text field or the column?  Also I should mention that the cells are in a group footer and not showing... I have hidden my detail band by setting height to 0. 

if I move the fields into the detail band they seem to show (e.g. delete the group footer row).  I also set my background color for the group footer cells to be red and the detail cells to be blue and export to excel.  It seems like my red group footer cells do not show at all, but the blue detail bands do show.  Is there an issue with exporting to excel with only a group footer showing and not a detail band?



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