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i´m very new to Jaspersoft. I got a  jrxml template from my bookkeeper to design my own invoice. So far so good, after importing this jrxml in Jaspersoft Studio the preview in the design looks very bad. the positions are wrong, the header is in the top and the middle of the view.

Cay you please help me, or gibe me hint what to do? Are there any special configuration  for the view?

Here is a screenshot:



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How does it look when you actually run it (Preview)?  The template shows everything on one page, but it looks to me like this is set up to be a multi-page report with a cover page (Seite 1) and then each invoice on its own page ("Seite "+$V), then finally a summary page.  If it has been set up correctly, then the page breaks are in there and will show up when you run the report.

There is a missing image, you need to find out what the image file is and put it in the correct location.

If you have further questions, the best person to contact is your bookkeeper, who will know best the template.

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It doesn't seem like there's any problem with the report design.

JasperReports uses "bands" to define sections of a report. The top section of the page is for the title page and a header is placed there.

The middle header is for all the other pages.

The following page in Japsersoft Studio manual explains the concept of bands. Actually, MS Access uses similar concept in their report design too.


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Thx for your answers!

My bookkeeper does not respond on any technical questions for jasper :-( 

The used font is Arial 

<style name="Standard" hTextAlign="Left" hImageAlign="Left" vTextAlign="Top" vImageAlign="Top" fontName="Arial" fontSize="10" isBold="false"/>

I´ve tried the template in the bookkeeper-software and it looks like that:


So that looks good for me! And yes, it is possible to have more than one page, depends on the number of articles in the invoice.

The missing image in the header is the Logo of my company, which is uploaded in the bookkeeper software. The image near the bottom is a test signature, and the image at the bottom is the qr code.

But why is the "Header" (2 times?) also in the middle of the page, and the "footer" in the middle, or under the middle of the page? 

Does it make sense to upload the jrxml?


Thanks a lot!


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