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Custom Theme for HTML5 charts in Jaspersoft Studio


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Dear All, 

Is there any way to create custom themes to apply for HTML5 charts. I know, we can do the same by modifying each and every attribute under Advance formatting however I want to do the same in one file and apply the same to all HTML5 charts. 

I searched entire universe but no concrete information found. Any guidance is greatly helpful. 

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actually there is nothing like this for Highcharts. You might want to add an enhancement request on the Community Tracker, but if you are a customer it's even better you contact the support and ask them to open internally this kind of request. This feature it's something that need to be studied among the JR and JSS teams in order to come-up with something user-friendly and easy to set-up. We might probably rely on the existing feature of Highcharts: https://www.highcharts.com/docs/chart-design-and-style/themes

Best regards,

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Hi. I'm this is actually a follow-up question to the original poster. 

From the HighCharts web site referred to (above), it looks like you can create themes for charts. Here's a snippet:

Highcharts.theme = {    colors: ['#058DC7', '#50B432', '#ED561B', '#DDDF00', '#24CBE5', '#64E572',              '#FF9655', '#FFF263', '#6AF9C4'],    chart: {        backgroundColor: {            linearGradient: [0, 0, 500, 500],            stops: [                [0, 'rgb(255, 255, 255)'],                [1, 'rgb(240, 240, 255)']            ]        },    },

How would I go about incorporating this theme into the reports server so that all reports pick and use these stylings? (If it's too complicated an answer for here, can you please point to where this is documented?)

Thanks very much.

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