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Issue embedding hyperlinks in simple bar chart

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Hi all,

I am trying to configure hyperlinks to work for my bar chart following this simple tutorial using JasperStudio 6.4.0.final,


However, I am getting the following issue while trying to set the hyperlink as a reference,

[Firefox developer edition]

TypeError: it.hyperlinkHandlers is undefined jasperreports-viewer.js:307:29


jasperreports-viewer.js:307 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'Reference' of undefined
    at failedId (jasperreports-viewer.js:307)
    at Object.execCb (require.js:1635)
    at Module.check (require.js:871)
    at Module.<anonymous> (require.js:1112)
    at require.js:129
    at require.js:1155
    at each (require.js:57)
    at Module.emit (require.js:1154)
    at Module.check (require.js:925)
    at Module.enable (require.js:1142)

Hope you can help.

Thank you.





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