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  1. m.kamran's post in Problem locating HTML5 Charts (to create a a Simple Drill-Down Report) was marked as the answer   
    Hi samara,
    HTML5 charts are only available in the commercial edition.
  2. m.kamran's post in Issue embedding hyperlinks in simple bar chart was marked as the answer   
    Issue happening trying to open commercial platform report on community version, resolved.
  3. m.kamran's post in Problems adding custom JSP template was marked as the answer   
    Resolved thanks.
  4. m.kamran's post in How i can use "array" in ireport was marked as the answer   
    Hi fabiano,
    This should help,
    Any confusions, please let me know and I would guide you with screenshots.
  5. m.kamran's post in Change report from Date to days of the week was marked as the answer   
    Hi Jobina,
    I would recommend handling the "day of the week" part withn your SQL script since jasper does not have a direct way (though you could make it work using conditionals but that would be a tedious approach). Here's how you would do it if using SQL server,
    but of course all DBMS's have functions available which would output DAY based on given date.
    Hope it helps.
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