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  1. Hi pong, This will sure help, https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/custom-font-font-extension Just recently implemented adding a custom font to my reports in jasper studio and then on jasper server. Thanks.
  2. I see, would it be possible for you to please share your jrxml? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Can you please explain your problem in more detail since I am unable to figure out what you are trying to achieve? Thanks.
  4. I think this problem usually arises because of the use of a custom font, I have experienced the same using a standard font and a custom font both for the same report and the custom font text shows, disppears and then re-appears. Can you please try using a standard font and see if the problem happens again on the same report? Thanks.
  5. You either need to optimize your query so it returns data in less than a minute (recommended solution) or increase the timeout in your MarkLogic server.
  6. Hi dia, Not entirely sure if it would work in case of multiple labels on the same axis but the "rotation" properties are worth a try, please check the following, https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/advanced-chart-formatting Hope this helps.
  7. Hi, You can handle this all within the query so no need to add any additional expressions. e.g. for parameter name $P{dept}, you can do this in your query, select * from company where dept = ISNULL($P{dept},dept) This will take value from your input and if it is null it is going to return you all records excluding null records. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi Nitesh, Most probably it is your antivirus blocking it, can you please disable the av software and then try launching studio? Thanks.
  9. Hi, If you are looking for a solution while only working within Jasper Server, here is what you would do, - add a column to your resultset which refers to the parameter values, e.g. If you want to select data for country 'UK', you can add a column with heading 'Country' with all possible values in it (coming from DB possibly) - add a filter operating on this column The limitation here is that Jasper Server does not allow filters for non-existing data in the resulting report/ad hoc view so you would need to make the relevant column part of the resultset. Alternatively, if you do not want the 'Country' column added and yet want data filtered by country, you can use Jasper Studio to create the report and then upload to Jasper Server. JStudio will allow you to add an external parameter not bothering about if its relevant column exists in the report or not. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi dia, I do not think that would be possible since the input controls are a way to capture filter value for a field already part of the ad hoc view, measures work on top of the available fields and therefore cannot be bound to an input control, hope this helps. Thanks.
  11. Hi, If you can embed jasper reports application within your web app via external authentication, you can expose the complete dashboard designer view which should allow users to drag and drop ad hoc views and reports. Please make sure you use the correct user roles for authentication. Hope this helps. Thanks. P.S. Apologies I have not tried the AWS version yet.
  12. Hi brandon, If I understand your question correctly, calling a report URL (with params) from a web-page is similar to calling a report from another report poiting to a URL. From your web page, you can add your parameter to the URL and use it within your jasper report, i.e. Target URL: [your_jasper_server]/[report]?param1=test In your jasper report, please have a parameter created named param1 (to match the parameter on URL) and it should be able to pick the given value 'test' which will act as a filter value. Please make sure you uncheck "Is For Prompting" from your parameter settings in Jasper for obvious reasons. Hope this helps. Thanks.
  13. Hi, This should help, http://www.rgagnon.com/javadetails/java-0426.html Thanks.
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