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Report Graph to Image with URL Request

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designed a Report with exactly one image in the Summary band.

How to render the report as image when called with the URL method ?


what content is needed for the output parameter ? is this even possible or do i have to set something in the Jaspersoft Studio ?


thanks in advance !




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thanks for your answer - i think i will look for another solution to generate the image.

Developing a class to generate an image in an report generator software is a bit strange and too much work.

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I've already embedded the html into our (old, self written) reporting framework. in this case, there is no need to show the user

the complete html for the embedded report as the parameters are entered in another application. the things i do not like about embedding are:

- user/password as parameters in the url (i guess there is some more secure way but i didnt find it yet)

- unable to select the datasource for the report via url


next point is we have some (more or less) complicated xlsx and pdfs generated in plsql with pldf, sometimes its needed to embedd 

some graphs into the xlsx/pdf - as image, not as complete html.


i think the jr possibilities are great and we use it already for pdf printing in oracle apex - but the possibility to generate plain jpg/png/etc images are really missing !

thanks for your reply :)



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Hi Gerald, thanks for your feedback. About those two points, I'd recommend posting them as new questions and we'd be happy to respond.

Charts in Excel (see here) and PDF formats are already included as images, if that doesn't work please post a new question or open a case with Support.

Unfortunately from your description I'm still unable to gather your use cases for exporting to an image format (although of course I understand that in general there are cases in which it would very useful). Btw if you Google it you'll find some implementations already done (e.g. here and here), or if you use the library you could use printToImage.

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