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java.util.Collection as parameter for sql function


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Check IN and NOTIN Clauses.

JasperReports provides a special syntax to use with a where condition: the IN and NOTIN clauses.The IN clause checks whether a particular value is present in a discrete set of values. Here is an example:SELECT * FROM ORDERS WHERE SHIPCOUNTRY IS IN ('USA','Italy','Germany')The set here is defined by the countries USA, Italy and Germany. Assuming we are passing the set of countries in a list (or better a java.util.Collection) or in an array, the syntax to make the previous query dynamic in reference to the set of countries is:SELECT * FROM ORDERS WHERE $X{IN, SHIPCOUNTRY, myCountries}where myCountries is the name of the parameter that contains the set of country names. The $X{} clause recognizes three parameters:[/code]


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