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Reading a feild as Number from CSV source


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I just set up  to data adapter to read Integer and Date from a csv file without problem.

In the data adapter, the columns are read in as a String. Change this in the report's Dataset the Query dialog.

The most problem I get when using csv is when I forget to skip the header row. Since header row is usually String values, if I don't skip this, it causes error.

To skip the header row, in the Data Adapter Wizard dialog, check "Skip the first line (the column names will be read from the first line)

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Dear Hozawa,

Thank you for coming to rescue. I skipped header row as mentioned by you. then changed Data format of AMOUNT from java.lang.String to java.lang.Integer then when I previewed I got same error as mentioned above i.e. "Unable to get value for CSV feild AMOUNT of class java.lang.integer"


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