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Currenlty I am using Jasper 5.2 version. We have almost 30-40 reports which are scheduled and i got all of them as per scheduled time.

Sometimes I got blank report as well because it returns no data. Now i want to skip those reports to be email which are blank.

I have checked WhenNoData > No Pages in iReport but it didn't work.


Any suggestion plz ??

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Hi Himanshu,
The issue is you are looking in the wrong direction. No change is required in the report. The change has to be made on Jasperserver.
1) Go to the scheduler properties of that report, Go to the notification tab (Right corner).
2) On the left side, click the very last checkbox that says "Do not send emails for empty reports".
That should help.

P.S. Select this answer as relevant and upvote it if the answer solves your issue, as it may help others with the same issue.


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Hi Kriplani 

I don't see this option (notification tab) in JS 5.2 version. there is only one checkbox saying skip empty report, i have already checked that one but it is also not working. I am still getting blank reports.

Is it possible to do something after the email has been sent…like flag the email red if there’s data in the attached report??  Is there anything that can be done to give us notice that there is data on the report that is sent?

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