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Why is necessary Elastic IP in jaspersoft aws marketplace


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I would like to know, why is necessary put an elastic Ip in EC2 instance jasper, to setup the connection with RDS ?

If I go in EC2 Linux command line, I can connect using telnet command in RDS (SQLSERVER), but when I try setup the connection using the Jasper console, it is not possible. The setup returns me HTTP timeout.

Security Group and others permissions are OK, but the connect will be able only if I put an elastic IP in EC2 Instance.



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Can you show how are you connecting to RDS? And how the infrastructure looks like on AWS, did you use the provided Cloud Formation Templates?
An elastic IP is not required to connect to RDS, I think that the issue you are running into has to do with the network infrastructure you have setup.

Are you using VPC? Are you using the internal IPs in your security group?

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Hi Marianol.... I am using the jaspersoft guide specific to connect in RDS/Redshift. My JSP Instance was created using the cloud Formation template in a VPC, after this I released the IPs necessaries from to my network. I logged in JSP Instance and did a connection in RDS using telnet command. When I setuped the connection, it passed if only I put an elastic IP, after I can release it from the JSP instance.


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