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Good Morning

I have a couple of questions about Jasperserver and was hoping someone could help.

I'm currently looking into new reporting tools and have a couple of requirements that I'd like to know if Jasperserver is capable of.

Can the schedules reports be saved to a location that is defined by a parameter fed into the report. In my example it needs to be in a folder name that is a column that can be retrieved in the report.

Can the software write information back to the database it is reporting from, in my case I need it to change a couple of columns to indicate the report was generated.


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Looks like you need the following:

1) dynamic (based on parameter) location of generated reports

2) post report generation database inserts/updates to confirm job completion/execution etc etc

You'll need to use a Java solution and work with the Report Scheduler API to make this happen. This gives you access to the scheduler functionality, i.e. the ability to schedule a new job, set any parameters for the reports, and do any post-processing such as relocating the output or writing to the db post completion.


Here are the provided configuration options for the reports scheduler in jasper server you can set without writing java code:


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Try using Jaspersoft ETL with JasperReports Server to generate reports. There's a REST API component which you can use to generate report and you may be able to save the report to the directory based on report information. ETL also has a Database components that can be used to update source database.

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