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Jasper 6.4 Migration Ad-hoc filters issue/bug.


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We have migrated from 6.3 to 6.4. Server is an AWS instance. After the migration we have noticed an issue in our Ad-hoc views based on topics(queries directly to database, not domains).

The issue concerns filters. The old functionality was: Drag a Field to the Filters pane, and the full list of values would appear


Once switched to 6.4 the list is no longer loaded. It is a CLEAN new instance. No themes, no customizations, no changes. Clean install.


This happens to most, but not all filters in the adhoc.The list of values is indeed long(a few hundreds but this was not an issue in 6.3).The filter format also appears slighttly changed. Almost as it was changes from a list view to a single select. Also, there is no error reported in the server logfile. 

Does anyone have any suggestions how to deal with this degradation of service.

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I have tested two different versions on my side and it works same for me - I drag the field to the filter pane and a new EQUALS filter is created with first value selected but not applied. If you want to select other values you click on the value and start searching. List type of filter only appears for IS ONE OF type of filters.

Do you consider drop down for equals not appearing immediately after you drag the field to the filter a bug?

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The problem is that the list is no longer populated. If you look at the 6.4 screenshot above, you will see that there is no down arrow next to AE. This is because i have clicked on the first falue in the list and expected to see a dropdown of the entire list. This does not happen.Only first value is listed

What is more problematic is that this is not a general behaviour, there are filed sthat work as intended when used as a filter, but most of them don't.

Selecting a filter like the one above to IS ONE OF does not solve the issue. The list is not populated and only the first value appears instead of the list.

If further information helps, the database behid is Redshift. Server is running on am M4.Large AWS instance. The full size of the adhoc data set is around 8 mil records but issue is appearing even when filterig the data set through input contols to arouns 10.000 records or lesss.

Is it possible that there is a timeout and the server just gives up on retrieving the list? Why are some fields imune to the timeout if this is the case? Are they preloaded in the chache? Were there significant changes to ad-hoc cahce management from 6.3 to 6.4 that could have affected this? How can i debug this issue or what do i need to do to be able to provide you with full information so you can investigate what is happening?



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