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Are you using Jasper Reports Lib? I use: Linux C++, wxWidgets , Code::Blocks devel.


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I work with Linux C++ applications using SQLite3, for hardware control, logging, etc. but haven't found many options for report design and printing.
My reports are usually 1-Page in length.

I'm moving away from MS Windows based printing tools using DLLs.

I'm presently digesting the JRL ultimate product guide.

Then the JRL library can be packaged with the finished software release?

Will the Jasper Reports Library work on my platform?


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JasperReports library is written in Java so you'll need to bridge between C++ and Java to use JasperReports library from you application.

JasperReports library is under LGPL. If you obey the LGPL, you can pack it with your application.

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