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Jaspersofts suitability for reporting against large datasets


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I'm currently experiencing issues with reporting against large sets of data using Jaspersoft.

We've designed a reporting tool that enable users to run a set of prebuilt reports, or buidl their own reports once given access to a pre-defined template.

When we try and build a report (dragging fields from a template into a report designer - ) we're finding that the performance is very poor.

My development team are advising that the "adhoc designer" is the problem and that it is poorly designed and struggles to handle large data volumes.

The process of building a report as I understand it involves "full queries being run returning the maximum number of records each time" which causes the process of building a report to be very slow.

Is this a known problem, has anyone else struggled with something similar, and how did you resolve the problem?

Any advice?


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This is a known problem. Unless the data are cached, Adhoc Designer performance slows down. However, as the name suggests, it's a "design" tool. Try saving it as adhoc "report". JasperReports Server caches data so the second time the report is viewed, it should be faster than the first time.


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Thanks Hozawa. Could you possibly expand on "try saving it as adhoc report"? Are you suggesting that the way we've exposed the information to be reported against could be changed for our end users? Please accept my apologies if that isn't a valid interpretation.  My background isn't one that is technical. I'm trying to work out the best way to get a performant product.

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