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Add HtmlComponent to JasperDesign

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Through various searches on the internet I found how to use the HtmlComponent in my project to have an HTML-table in my report (as an image).

However, I can't seem to find how I can add the HtmlComponent to a JasperDesign.

Versions in use:

  • Jasper 5.6.1
  • HtmlComponent 5.0.1 (derived from iReport 5.6.0).

My current code:

HtmlComponent table = new HtmlComponent();JRDesignExpression expression = new JRDesignExpression();expression.setText(html.replace("n", ""));table.setHtmlContentExpression(expression);JRDesignGroup group = new JRDesignGroup();group.setName(TABLE_GROUP_PREFIX);JRDesignBand groupHeader = new JRDesignBand();groupHeader.setHeight(200);groupHeader.setSplitType(SplitTypeEnum.IMMEDIATE);groupHeader.addElement(table);((JRDesignSection) group.getGroupHeaderSection()).addBand(groupHeader);return jasperDesign;[/code]

Obviously, groupHeader.addElement(table) doesn't work since table is not an element but a component.


Anyone and idea?


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