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Group Footer : Does not remain at foot of page when deployed to Jasper Server


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I have created an invoice report in Jaspersoft Studio with the totals section (the group footer) shown at the foot of the form - see the first screenshot below.


But when I deploy it to the Jasper Server, the totals are moved up to the details section. See second screenshot below.


I have tried all the variations of Footer Position 'Stack to Bottom', 'Force at Bottom' & 'Collate at Bottom' with exactly the same results. They all work perfectly well in the Studio but get moved up in the Server.


Is there a reason why the Server does not replicate the presentation as shown in Jasper Studio? I am using Studio V 6.3.0 final and Server 6.0.1.


I have been through the Studio User Guide and the Community but can't pin it down so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.Theresultwewant.png.f03e3efa1218d73dbdfb0f163aa9a47b.pngTheresultfromJasperServer.png.231880c49a317b640457d47f576ae6ca.pngFromJasperServerwithsettings.png.39dd3eea38766823411e3db96ae73320.png

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Thanks for the reply.

Having logged out of Jasper Server and come back to it over the weekend, I find the format is now correct ! Even in the HTML version. 

I obviously checked this before posting - so i'm putting it down to fatigue !!

Anyway thanks for taking the time to reply.


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