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Rectangle as a band background


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Hi, I'm having a problem placing a rectangle as a band background. I want it to be a rectangle because like that I can make its bound corners rounded.

My problem comes when inside the band I want a text field with "Remove line when blank" property On. As the text field and the background rectangle overlap, the property "Remove line when blank" has no effect. In fact, that's what the green selection of the text field indicates.

Has anybody found this issue?

Thanks in advance.


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First of all, thank you for your quick answer.

I'm sorry, I think I didn't explain it well enough. I also would like to set a color for the rectangle, so I think that making it transparent is not suitable. Anyway, I tried the solution but as soon as I place the rectangle in front of the other elements, they overlap, and the selection of the rectangle is highlighted in red. If I place it in the background, they keep overlapping, but in this case the rectangle selection is highlighted in green.

Thank you hozawa.



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