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How to set default value of parameter input control in Ireport


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I have a problem with my parameter who are an input control in Ireport. My parameter is a boolean. And I try to set a default value because I need to modify my sql request with parameter. By example if my parameter is true so I put on my request a like with an other parameters else I put nothing. But my problem is my parameters is always true or false and not the value I define in default value.

This is my try with default value of my parameter:

$P{choix_repere_depart}=="true"? " AND d.cellule like '%$P{mot_cle}%'": " "[/code]

And this my sql request:

SELECT     r.designation as designation,     l.nom as nom,     e.gare as gare,     b.intitule as intitule,     a.code_mire as code_mire,     af.codegmao as codegmaoAF,     ap.codegmao as codegmaoAP,     d.cellule as repere,     d.observation as observation,     m.appareil as appareilFROM      armoireprincipale apLEFT JOIN armoire a ON a.idbranchement = ap.idbranchementLEFT JOIN armoirefille af ON af.idbranchement = a.idbranchementLEFT JOIN branchement b ON b.idbranchement = a.idbranchementLEFT JOIN ligne l ON l.id_ligne = b.id_ligneLEFT JOIN reseau r ON r.id_reseau = l.id_reseauLEFT JOIN edifice e ON e.indic = b.indicLEFT JOIN depart d ON d.idbranchement = a.idbranchementLEFT JOIN materiel m ON m.id_materiel = d.id_materielWHERE  a.idbranchement IN (SELECT b.idbranchement            FROM branchement b0            LEFT JOIN cable c ON c.idbranchement = b0.idbranchement            LEFT JOIN cable_depart cb ON cb.id = c.id            LEFT JOIN depart d0 ON d0.iddepart = cb.iddepart            LEFT JOIN armoire a0 ON a0.idbranchement = d0.idbranchement            LEFT JOIN armoireprincipale ap0 ON ap0.idbranchement = a0.idbranchement            WHERE ap0.ug_pef= $P{id_pef}) $P{choix_repere_depart};[/code]

So I need help to understand what is wrong on my report. If someone has an idea please help me!!! Thank!!

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