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how to install jasperserver on my website

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hi all,

i am new to the development, i want to run jasperserver as part of my website inorder user to view reports.

for that matter i havemanaged it to install it on my local system to view/develop the reportings. 

now i want ot deploy it on my website which is linux based hosting. i have uploaded the jasperreports-server-cp-6.3.0-linux-x64-installer.run and tried to install it at the site hosting, and putty is not running this command, i have also tried to make another directory in the public_html folder and tried to install using the war package installation method but again putty is not running this command too.


please someone help me inorder how to deploy jasperserver at my site 




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Why are you trying to install it under public_html? That that directory accept script execution or program execution?

How did you try to install Apache Tomcat that is needed to install JasperReports Server war installation?

You probably should learn how to use linux and about web server before further attempt.


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JasperReports Server war installation steps are outlined in the document below:



You first need to install Apache Tomcat and a database such as MySQL or Postgresql on your own (these steps are not included in JasperReports Server installation guide).

If you have Apache Tomcat installed, you should be able to see Tomcat home page when you access the url.

Only after you are certain that Apache Tomcat and a database are fully working can you begin installing JasperReports Server.

I don't think you can install an application server such as Apache Tomcat in public_html directory. You'll need to contact your server administrator to provide you permission and instructions on how to do this.

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Thnx for the response, I am talking about that I need to install it at my site like http://www.mysite.com/jasperserver Where my site is perfectly running, I have observed onething that when I put the run file in the bin folder of my hosting, it starts recognizing the commands, now I am unsure if I install it there will it destroy the whole site or not also, if so then anyone please let me know that what could be the possible workaround to deploy the reporting solution to my site through which I can manage users to see their jrxml reports Regards Nauman

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