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Solution to create locale for Hebrew language


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Hi everyone,

Recently i have faced a issue like how to create the locale for hebrew language, so i have investigated on this like UI of jasperserver and finally i found the solution to create the locale for hebrew language. Below are the steps which i have done and the UI has been changed to hebrew language. Hope this will helps you to create the locale for hebrew language.

To display the buttons or the UI in hebrew language we need to convert the hebrew to hexadecimal format other wise the jasper server will not be recognise the hebrew language directly.
1. Firstly convert the required text into hebrew language using google translate or any other translator
2. Copy the hebrew text and convert it into hexadecimal format in the following link
this url helps you to encoding the languages to hexadecimal
3. You need to add the prefix as (Ex: ליישם). You can also use the Input Options delimiter as #x0(note that & is not working in the input options so need to take upto #x0 value as delimiter)
4. Take the encoded hexadecimal value and put into the requiered property file such as jasperserver_messages.properties(in my case jasperserver_messages_he_IL.properties)
5. Now restart the server.

Here we go, the UI will looks in hebrew language.

Please provide your comments if you are facing any issues.


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