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Possible to get compiled files of other reports?


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Ok, title is not nearly telling what I really want to do.

I'd love to know if there is a possibility to create new projects, add a specific other project into the build path (possible so far and known to me), use a specific subreport of that other project (possible as well, I know) and once I hit build having not only one jrxml-file and one jasper-file, but one jrxml-file and two jasper-files in my project folder? The one jrxml being the file I just created for the project and the two jasper-files being the jasper-file matching the jrxml-file and the one matching the included subreport from another project.

Is this in any way possible? When I design reports I need the compiled jasper-files and put them inside an archive. So far no problem as long as it's just me working on those, but soon other employees will work on other projects but there will be subreports used in many of those projects, required in the archives every single time. And because I want it to be as easy as possible for them I need a way to get all used reports and subreports into the project folder no matter if the jrxml-file is in that specific project or inside an included one. Can I do something like this?

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a) I'm doing that and other employees will be doing so soon too.


b) That does not solve the problem at all. When compiling the files stay in their respective folders and don't get (as far as I can see) compiled in the folder of the project they get used in, which would be what we need.

It seems you didn't read quite through my question, as I already have stated that I want to know if it somehow is possible to get the compiled files all into the project folder even if some of the subreports are not created inside that specific project but imported from another.

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