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From the Repository how (or can you) do you edit a report. The report has been created from an Ad-Hoc view but I am not sure how I can change it. By change I mean I want to add and remove certain fields the report uses.  Or is it the case that you have to edit the view itself.

I am not sure where to find the version as it is embedded in a web page but i think its 5.5

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Thank you for your reply. I just want to confirm I have the correct steps.

1. Open up Ad Hoc View

2. Modify Hoc View

3. Save Ad Hoc View

4.  Save Ad Hoc view and Create Report

5. Navigate to the Report you want to over right

6. I then get the following message-

‘This folder already contains a resource with the name you entered. Confirm that you want to over write one or more resources'

I am guessing this is just confirming the report is being changed. When I did check the report it had been updated with the changes I made in the view

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