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Rest Web service as Data source


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I am building some report where data source will be external  Rest web service (from some url i will be getting the data ), can you please guide me on

1.while creating report which data source i should take and 2.while deploying report in the jasper server then how to configure data source for the report .as for create data source option I am not getting any option to add data source except aws .I am using CE version of jasper .

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Nobody will see this as a quesiton.  Create a new question   Then you may get an answer.  Also, posting as an 'answer' to this question, makes it less likely that this question will get an answer - since it looks as though someone already answered it.  I've moved your 'answer'  to be a comment to clear up that part.

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This is now possible using Web Service Datasource


This Community project implement a Custom Datasource, built using the latest Custom Datasource framework (leveraging Data Adapters internally).

It is also working inside JasperReports Server:

You can use it to fill Query based Input Controls, as well as Ad Hoc Reporting (for Commercial version) using it through Topic.


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