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Connection to JasperServer from Jaspersoft Studio 5.5 using AWS


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I am new to Jaspersoft Studio and can't figure out what I am doing wrong when trying to set up my JasperReports Server connection.  JasperReports is running on AWS.

I am entering the url that takes me to the login page.  It works fine if I enter it in my browser.  But, when I test the connection in Jaspersoft Studio I get an error 404(Not Found).

I've tried a few different combinations but no luck.  I am hoping this is something simple and that you'll be able to help me!  






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Trying to create a connection to my AWS Jaspersoft from my local. I'm typing:




and the same credentials as I'm using when I'm on the site. I get "Unauthorized"


What am I missing. The only field that I'm doubting is "organization" but it seems it's more for my classifications than real authentication purposes.


Do I need to do something on AWS's security to grant me access? If so, can you point me to the right direction?


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