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  1. That worked - as long as I am also logged in on Jaspersoft Server. I found that having it started was not enough. Thank you!
  2. I am new to Jaspersoft Studio and can't figure out what I am doing wrong when trying to set up my JasperReports Server connection. JasperReports is running on AWS. I am entering the url that takes me to the login page. It works fine if I enter it in my browser. But, when I test the connection in Jaspersoft Studio I get an error 404(Not Found). I've tried a few different combinations but no luck. I am hoping this is something simple and that you'll be able to help me! Thanks, Jill
  3. I am also new to jaspersoft. When trying to connect to JasperServer (running on AWS) from Jaspersoft Studio 5.5 I am entering the url that takes me to the Jaspersoft login page, but I get an error 404(not found). The same url works if I just type it into a browser.
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