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JasperServer Rest v2 Client & ReportUnit example?


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I want to integrate my application with JasperServer by using the Rest v2 API.


My questions are:

1. Is the one in "https://github.com/Jaspersoft/jrs-rest-java-client" the official API lib?

2. If so, how to create/update/delete a ReportUnit by using abovementioned API? Or some other API libs we should use instead?




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Thanks Hozawa for your prompt reply.

I noticed that series of documents but the guide sounds more like a interface specification rather than the Java client API.


Anyway, could you share some code snippets for the Report Unit creating by using the Restful v2 APIs?

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How is the "https://github.com/Jaspersoft/jrs-rest-java-client" not the official library ?

The name of the repository is registered under the official website... Moreover, the "library" you pointed at in your answer is basically the documentation of the rest API.

I would like to ask the same question as Zhengxianqua. This github library sounds interesting but you can't seem to be able to use it with recent versions of the dependencies. I think it's strange for a library written three month ago. Is it sill under development ?

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