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it has happened twice to me today. I am trying to set a new instance of Jaspersoft AWS. As soon as i have tried to delete the users predefined by the Jasper instance, afterwrds the instance is not accessible anymore, and it returns back the following error:

Internal server error occurred. Please contact your system administrator.

Details: An exception occurred processing JSP page /WEB-INF/decorators/../jsp/modules/common/jrsConfigs.jsp at line 39 36: localContext: {}, 37: isIPad: "", 38: contextPath: "", 39: publicFolderUri: "", 40: organizationId: "", 41: commonReportGeneratorsMetadata: ${not empty reportGenerators ? reportGenerators : '[]'}, 42: templatesFolderUri: '', Stacktrace:


when trying to access:



I had to terminate de instance and loose all my work twice..... what am i doing wrong? Am i not supposed to be able to delele te demo users the application is coming with?


Thanks in advance!




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You should be able to delete any sample users without any issue. But I have never tried deleting *all* users. I am guessing that if you delete the user "jasperadmin" and/or the user "superuser" that there might be problems.

Which users are you deleting and which ones are you leaving in place?

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