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How to add subreports, charts and tables at run time in main report


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Dear All,

I have to create a report having charts, tables, running text and subreports.

i have to create table using json file.  I have 4-5 json files.  All are different.

It might be possible that i have to add 1 json file 2 times or 3 times and the other one only 1 time.  Not sure to add all json file also, but atleast one will be there.

The same thing is with charting.  For that also we have json/csv files.

So can we add tables and charts at run time as per user requirement.


I can do one thing that for every table and chart i can create a sub report.

But in this case i need to add sub reports at run time.  Same possibility is that 1 sub report can be add no of times or 0 time.

Which subreport have to add it totally dependent at run time.

I am calling jasper reports using REST API from Asp.Net Web application.

Please provide me a solution for the same.

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