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I install the Server and on my PC the iReport 5.5

I generate a report (with 4 subreports) and so I have 5 Files.


How can I now publish/upload this Masterreport (with all Subreports) to the server?


When I log in, I can upload a report. But how I have to handle the subreport? May someone has a good tutorial?


What I want:

Create reports (where they get data´s from MSSQL and MYSQL) and publish this to a webserver. where User can read and download anytime actual reports.


Thank you!

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Hello You can do it in two way:

1. Add JRXML to report from Ireport

2. From jasperreport server

  • create report and upload main jrxml
  • open tab "Controls & Resources"
  • Click "Add Resource…" link 

My proposition: you can use Jaspersoft Studio, from this report designer you can publish your report with all subreports in one click


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Hello! Thank you! I Upload now within iReports to the JasperServer. Now the next problem. I have one MSSQL and one MYSQL Database Connection in the subreport.

After upload I add a Datasource at the server. But I can only one!

How can I work with 2 databases? Before I upload to the server, local it run.

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  • Solution

When you add subreport to report you able choose other datasource as in main report. So for subreport you able specify other datasource.

About report parameters: you need create input control with same name as your parameter in Controls & Resources page.



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