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  1. I think problem can be in cache. Can you try clear browser caches
  2. We support same versions as in JasperReport Server. It should be IE 9 +
  3. Ok, when you put in your detail band fields you will not have empty pages, you will have pages with your data Note detail band height should be not very big (usual it same as field height), in other case you will have empty spaice after every rows.
  4. Hello, As i see you have big details band, this band will repeat for every record in your dataset. For resolve this issue you need change detail band height to 0, or remove it. <detail> <band height="0" splitType="Stretch"/> </detail>[/code]
  5. Hi Oscar, You can try use parameter $P{REPORT_CONNECTION} for change datasource dynamically.
  6. Hi, I can create report using query: select count(orderid) as o_count, shippeddate from orderswhere shippeddate >= $P{From_Date} and shippeddate <= $P{To_Date} group by shippeddate[/code]As example you can use my attached jrxml file. It's used sample sugarcrm database
  7. Default value for Date paramented should be specify as:
  8. Hello, I think problem in "group by field2" part. Can you please run you sql in any sql client, I think you will have error.
  9. Hello, You need create 2 Detail bands. In Detail 1 you need add fields and after it "Brake" component. In Detail 2 you can put same fields or other fields and "Brake" component.
  10. Yes, you can do it. Please look section "Upgrading from 3.7 - 5.2 to 5.5101CHAPTER11 UPGRADING FROM 3.7 - 5.2 TO 5.5" from install guide http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/jasperreports-server-install-guide-commercial-edition-1 (page 101)
  11. When you add subreport to report you able choose other datasource as in main report. So for subreport you able specify other datasource. About report parameters: you need create input control with same name as your parameter in Controls & Resources page.
  12. Hello You can do it in two way: 1. Add JRXML to report from Ireport 2. From jasperreport server create report and upload main jrxmlopen tab "Controls & Resources"Click "Add Resource…" link My proposition: you can use Jaspersoft Studio, from this report designer you can publish your report with all subreports in one click
  13. Hello, Jasperreport server support Virtual Data Source. It's datasource that can have information drom different databases. For Create report you need create Virtual Data Source, create domain from this datasource. After It you will able create domain base report. Other way, you can create subreport - that can use other datasource as main report. In this case data between databases will not joined Let me know if you need help with it.
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