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  1. Hello! How did you made a multi language report? Are you stored all text in a database? Or can I use maybe a integrated function? I want static text print in the correct language. Thanks
  2. Hello! Can I draw lines base in XY coordinates? I want to draw lines in a picture. The coordinates comes from the database. Thank you
  3. OK, got it. It was because I don´t use cookies in my code. Now it works! Thanks!
  4. Hello! Thank you! This helps. I can start the execution of the report, but when I want to download it, I get the Error 404. The request ID does not exists. I run the report syncron. After finish, I get the Answer XML: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> pdf application/pdf ready /reports/Besuchsreport 1226381261_1396628457096_84 ready 2 So I copy the requestID and try: But get Error 404 Also: show error 404. Maybe you have an idea? Must I set up on the server something? And how long is the report available to download on the server? Thank you!
  5. Hello! Is it possible, to open a report, incl. one Parameter, just with typing a URL? Example: http://jasperserver.com/report?report=calculation&parameter1=123456 Thank you!
  6. Hello! I was able now for the one subreport, who connect to MYSQL: Connection Expression: "java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/jasperserver", "username", "password")".
  7. I forgot: I also add in the report a parameter. How ask this at the webserver?
  8. Hello! Thank you! I Upload now within iReports to the JasperServer. Now the next problem. I have one MSSQL and one MYSQL Database Connection in the subreport. After upload I add a Datasource at the server. But I can only one! How can I work with 2 databases? Before I upload to the server, local it run.
  9. Hello! I install the Server and on my PC the iReport 5.5 I generate a report (with 4 subreports) and so I have 5 Files. How can I now publish/upload this Masterreport (with all Subreports) to the server? When I log in, I can upload a report. But how I have to handle the subreport? May someone has a good tutorial? What I want: Create reports (where they get data´s from MSSQL and MYSQL) and publish this to a webserver. where User can read and download anytime actual reports. Thank you!
  10. Hello! I get now the correct result. With: com.jaspersoft.ireport.designer.utils.Misc.getConnection("NAME_OF_SUBDATASOURCE") it works! Thanks!
  11. The question is, how I set up the Main rport, to use a subreport with a different database. I habe in Top of the iReport a dropdown of my databases. I can only choose one. When I use the wizard for the subreport, I can choose a different database, but there is no dropdown of my own databases. So how I have to configure the subreport? Master is MS SQL and Subreport is mySQL. Thank you!
  12. Hello! I reads some articel, but cant find a solution: I have a report for a MS SQL database. Preview: it works I have another report for a MYSQL Database. Preview it works. Now I want to add the mySQL report als Subreport of the MS SQL Report. Parameter in both reports is "ID" The subreport should be filtered by the "ID" from the Main report. My problem is to use once MS SQL and once mySQL. Who can help? Using iReport Designer 5.5.0 Thank you!
  13. Hi Thank you! But there is no answer, if I can use or convert existing Crystal Report Files. THX
  14. Hello We have some Crystal Report Files and want to automate each night new PDF´s from this report. Is this with JasperServer possible? To trigger a new "Save as pdf" sould be over Web if possible and also with a schedule. Thanks!
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