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How to get the username of user who logged into Jasper Server?

Ankur Gupta
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Please tell me if there is any method through which I can get  the user name of the user who logged into the Jasper Server,  and that name could be displayed in the report.

Is there any parameter which can be referred or any other work around to obtain the logged in user name.

Thanks in Advance!!

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You can create parameters in you report, with a specific name and datatype. Then these parameters will be automatically filled when the report is executed by JasperReports Server. There are about 10 such parameters. As an example, try to define a parameter in your report :

LoggedInUsername (java.lang.String), with no defaut value. Then, you can use $P{LoggedInUsername} in a text field, in a query, in a printWhenExpression, ... 



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