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  1. Hi, Did you try the "locate", "which", or "find" command to find the scripts ? Otherwise, if you connect as "superuser", you will find the import feature in the "Manage > Server" menu and the export feature in : - the repository view, by right clicking on a folder (left panel) - the repository view, by right clicking on an item (right side) - the menu "Manage > Server" Regards
  2. Jaspersoft provides commercial support when you want to use a commercial edition. The community could provide help when you want to use a commercial edition. If you want to leave the commercial edition, you can only find help in the community. No editor, as far as I know, provide help to leave them. As long as your report dont use any of the commercial edition feature (fusion charts, fusion widgets, fusion maps, HTML5 high charts, domain queries, adhoc views, adhoc reports, dashboards, ...) the report sould be compatible with the community edition. So, exporting the repository and reimporting it in the community should do the job.
  3. I would say that your tomcat process is dead. try to do a 'ps aux | grep [t]omcat' to see if there is still a tomcat process. If yes, you have to kill it with signal 15 and then with signal 9. Then, you can have a look at the catalina.out log file to have an idea of the reason and finally, you can try to restart your tomcat. Regards
  4. Hi, In iReport or JasperSoft Studio : Add a background band to your report, Resize the band to fit you reports dimensions Add a Frame component in the background band (The previous answer uses a static text, which should also work, but the frame is a better fit) Adapt the Frame's dimensions to its parent (the band) Change the Frame background color. Regards
  5. Hi, As far as I know, the latest release which supported Java 1.5 is the 4.2. In doubt, the 4.1. Regards
  6. Hi, You have to create an input control in the report unit created in JasperReport Server. This Input Control needs to have an ID with the exact same syntax than the related parameter name in the report. Then, you will be able to add &ParameterName=Value to you URL Regards
  7. You can find the list in the JasperReports-Server-Admin-Guide v5.5, chapter 4.4.2 Built-in Parameters for Query-based Input Controls, p 90, also available online : http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/jasperreports-server-administration-guide/v550/query-based-input-controls
  8. If you have Adhoc, it means that you are using one of the commercial editions of JasperReports Server (Pro or Enterprise). So, you iReport Pro and Jaspersoft Studio Pro are included in your license
  9. They are listed in one of the JasperReports Server guides (either ultimate guide, or admin or user guide), I don't remember exactly in which one.
  10. Hi, You created your reports using the AdHoc editor. The charts in AdHoc are HTML5 charts (HighCharts) and dont support chart customizers. You can only use Chart customizers with JFreeCharts components. Regards François
  11. Hi, You can create parameters in you report, with a specific name and datatype. Then these parameters will be automatically filled when the report is executed by JasperReports Server. There are about 10 such parameters. As an example, try to define a parameter in your report : LoggedInUsername (java.lang.String), with no defaut value. Then, you can use $P{LoggedInUsername} in a text field, in a query, in a printWhenExpression, ... Regards François
  12. Jaspersoft Studio is Eclipse based. When you try to open a connection over SSL, java tries to validate the certificate using the known certificate issuers. Because a certificate which is signed (certified) by an untrusted person is useless and dangerous. Then, I think that the certificate/key pair used on your JRS server are signed by your own authority or self-signed. It means that Jaspersoft studio can not check the certificate validity as he does not know the CA and he does not have the CA certificate to validate the signature. Jaspersoft studio searches for the Keys and certificates in a keystore. So, you have to import in Jaspersoft Studio keystore the certificate of the CA who signed your server's certificate. Then, the CA will be known, trusted and JSS will have its certificate to check the server's certificate validity. You can use "keytool" to import your certificates. Describing the whole process in few lines is not easy, I hope that my explanations were clear. Regards François
  13. I think that you added the variable in the main dataset, whereas you chart is using a sub-dataset.
  14. Hi, The dataset sort feature is useful when the query language does not support the kind of sorting that you want to achieve. If you get a list of cities from a SQL database and you want to sort them on their population fetched from a webservice, for example. It can also be because you want to sort and the query language does not allow sorting at all. It your case, did you try to add an ORDER BY statement to your SQL query ? Did your qery returned what you expected when you ask to preview the data (the tab at the bottom of the query dialog) ? Regards François
  15. Hi, I am not sure that the parameter would be null when you make no selection in a multi-select Input control. Could you try to change the query to something as : select name from accounts where $X{IN, billing_address_country, Country_multi_select} and $X{IN, billing_address_state, Cascading_state_multi_select} and ( billing_address_state is not null AND billing_address_state <> "" ) order by name It is just a try Regards François
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