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  1. Hi George. The best way is to use the Jaspersoft Studio, but if the sole pupose is just to look at the SQL behind the reports, you can simply edit the JRXML in the Notepad or any text editor and simply look for the tag <queryString> you will find the query directly Hope that this helps. Thankyou, Ankur Gupta TIBCO Certified Jaspersoft
  2. Hi Folks, I am trying to send email via REST API v2, using the community Jasperserver 7.8.0. I an using postmant to test the request, the JSON request is as below. - I am hitting the REST API endpoint jobs https://localhost:8443/jasperserver/rest_v2/jobs/ The error which I get is - serialization.errorThere was an error on the server. Try again or contact site administrators. Any thoughts on this, maybe I have missed something in the request creation. Thanks Ankur Gupta
  3. Hi daniels, Can you please let me know what setting you have to do on the server side to make this work, been stuck at the same issue. Thankyou, Ankur Gupta
  4. Hey Miictog, I think you should definitely move up to Jaspersoft Studio. Jaspersoft have ended development of any further enhancements over iReport 5.6.0, so I think you should be moving to Jaspersoft Studio, as there are tons of new features. There is a community edition as well, so will compliment your model. Hope that this helps. Thanks Ankur
  5. Hey jin_wq, You can get the dynamic adjustment by selecting the 2 options in the properties as marked in yellow in the attached screenshot. 1. Select the drop down Stretch Type and set it to RelativeToTallestObject- This will increase the height of the Text Field dynamically based upon the data, This Mimics the word wrap functionality as in Excel 2. Check the box Stretch with Overflow- What it does is tells Jasper if the data overflows it will stretch the text field Thanks Hope that this helps Ankur Gupta
  6. Hey, Do you want to wrap the Text or just increase or decrease the height dynamically. Please if you can elaborate the usage.
  7. Hey, You should use the crosstab element to produce the desired output. Where you need to define following- Dataset - Main Report Dataset/ Defined Dataset(Whichever produces the data) Column - Month, Cost Type Row - Dept Measures - Amount (Select No Calculation) Creating this element would definitely give you the desired result. Also remember not to put the crosstab in the detail section it should reside in Summary Section. Hope that this helps Thanks Ankur
  8. Hi Christopher, I tried the code you have pasted, what I can see the issue is that there is not enough space to squezze the amount of data being printed in that band, I would suggest try couple of things 1. Try increasing the height of the Group Footer Band 2. There is property called Keep Together in the advanced Properties in the Footer Band Property, make it true which is currently false- this should work. Let me know if this helps. Thanks Ankur Gupta
  9. Please enlighten us with your take on the question, so that it helps the community!!
  10. Hi, Can you please describe the process you are using for the export, for more precise understanding.
  11. Hi, I am using Jasperserver Commerical edition and Jaspersoft Studio professional edition, the issue I am facing currently is that in my report I am using Series line chart and there is a requirement of datalabels for the end points of each series. Things which I have already tried are - 1. Using the datalabel option under plotoptions and if I set it as TRUE then I am getting datalabels for all the points which is not needed. 2. I have tried using a javascript callback function in the datalabel formatter but it did not worked. Please let me know if there is a way to achive it. Thing I am trying to achieve is Hoping fo a speedy reply. Thanks, Ankur Gupta ankur.gupta.aug@gmail.com
  12. Hey, Splitting of the summary band is not possible, columns only split the detail band. The workaround for this would be that you can use 1 subreport and have selective data in each of the main report and subreport to form a column like structure and have the summary in one and dont have in one. Hope that this helps. Thanks. Ankur gupta http://ankurthetechie.blogspot.in/
  13. Hi , Reading your complete explanation, please follow the steps to create a desired output. 1. Create group based on the Store id 2. inside group header place the bar chart, and go the properties of the chart and in the tab chart plot you can find the property Orientation and set it to Horizontal 3. In the chart have two series, Bathroom and Kitchen, of which you have values directly so the plot can be directly created. 4. The format which you have created in the jrxml you can directly paste that into your detail band. So in this way each record of your query will be acting as one group. Hope that this helps. Cheers!! Thanks Ankur Gupta http://ankurthetechie.blogspot.in/
  14. Hey, The solution suggested by robsil would actually work upto the extent when all the data in a particular column in excel does not exceed the width alloted. But in order to make your excel full proof and the flawless, I would suggest that you can follow these things. 1. Make sure that all the text fields in the detail band have the height same to each of them preferred in case of excel only output. 2. To apply the the word wrap functionality you will have to make following properties true found in the property pane. - Stretch Type (found under appearance) for all the text feilds in the detail band should be made Relative to the tallest object, so that all the fields stretch according to max width column so that uniformity prevails. - Check the box Stretch with overflow (found under the text field in properties) , this will ensure that all the data in the text field gets printed. Hope that this helps!! Thanks Ankur Gupta www.reportlingo.com http://ankurthetechie.blogspot.in/
  15. Hey, you are probably on a correct path, just remember that new java.util.date() gives the current system time or in your case the phone server time that is why you are getting a vague formatted date. wgat you can do us that that create one mor parameter for the current date and via php code pass the current date and keep the parameter instead of the java expression inside ireport try try this out this should work my email id is ankur.gupta.aug@gmail.com cheers !! ankur gupta
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